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Mission & Vision


Dance Wire's mission is to keep the dance community of Greater Portland prosperous, inspired and visible while getting more people involved in dance.


It can be a lot of work to survive as a dance artist or organization. The information, resources, and services we offer are intended to help those within the dance community thrive. From pooling resources to facilitating collaboration & networking to being a voice for the collective community, our goal is to help dancers and dance organizations prosper.


One concept that drives every aspect of our work is that the dance world offers something for everyone. You don't have to be pursuing dance as a career to get involved, we are here to get everyone to the next level of their dance journey as an artist, organization, student or audience member. Discover what's out there and we promise you'll be inspired!


Our goal is to make all dance visible, not just those with budgets that support traditional marketing!

Highlighting all the dance activity in the city through one centralized network benefits everyone. The public is exposed to the wide variety of dance available and provided a direct link for participation. Dance companies and studios are able to reach a broader audience without a huge marketing price tag which boosts attendance to shows and classes leading to an overall more flourishing dance community. Win Win. 

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