What a magical evening!

Thank you to all who attended and to our incredible performers, volunteers, and staff. Technical snafus prevented us from doing the live stream at the event but here is the full video for you to enjoy!


This show was an experiential sampling of some of Portland’s most innovative and influential dancers who will each be sharing a piece of their work. Some will include an informative component to give audiences context on the history, culture, or concept of their work.


dancers: Flo Buddenbaum, Laura Cannon, Gwen Chura, Johnny Fisher, Pirle Fisher, Autumn Ginty-Wheeler, Sara Fay Goldman, Lily James, Sara James, Sunny James, Rhen Molly Miles, Sabina Oldham, Bevin Victoria, Úna Vivienne, Aurora Rupert, Liv Allison,  Meghan McClure,

– IMPACT is a site-specific performance that was inspired by the long history of this place, the Zidell Yards. IMPACT invites you to consider what was here before you, just a few minutes ago, a decade ago, a century before that. What was happening right here, but epochs in the past? The past does not simply dissolve into the future, it is all still here – we stand on what has been built by everything that came before us and we, in turn, build what holds up the future. Take a moment to consider one of the many actions you took today. Let your mind wander through the reverberations of that act, however mundane, as your action ripples away from you, weaving a web of impact that entangles itself in the waves of time. It is all connected. Everything has an IMPACT.

“Sevillanas Alegrías”

dancers: Laura Onizuka, Julie Pacheco-Toye

music: live guitar by Jeff Trapp

– Laura and Julie give you a taste of flamenco adorned with the Mantón de Manila (big shawl) and abanico (fan) accompanied by Jeff Trapp on flamenco guitar.


dancer: Alicia Cutia

music: Fyrsta by Olufar Arnalds

– This will be the first time Alicia will be presenting a live aerial harness performance. This has been made possible thanks to the RACC, who graciously awarded ARC in Movement a grant to cover the expenses for this amazing aerial rig.


dancers: Kas Martínez, Kelly Koltiska

music: Slo Blues by Steve Klink, Lula Lula Lula Lula Bye Bye by Thula Mama

– Presented by Pathways Dance Company, Webs is an excerpt from a work that will premiere in 2022, a series of vignettes expressing how we attach, connect, care for, use, discard, desire, and love one another.

Down the Line”

dancer: Bevin Victoria

music: Down The Line (It Takes A Number) by Romare

– A transcultural fusion combining dances from North Africa and modern street jazz. A celebration of the relationship between music and the dancer, the embodiment of sound through structured improvisation and storytelling through movement.

“Ballet Papalotl”

dancers: Mianel, Victoria, Miguel, Adrian

music: 1) Gavilancillo 2) Jarabe Tapatio 3) La negra

– Mexican folklore is an expression of culture, happiness that we are proud to share with everyone.

“The Pressure of Perfectionism”

dancer: Melissa Rumsey

music: Introduction: Nothingness by Hayden Calnin + An evening I will not forget/Furthest Thing by Dermot Kennedy

– At its root, perfectionism isn’t really about a deep love of being meticulous. It’s about fear. Fear of making a mistake. Fear of disappointing others. Fear of failure.


dancers: Rob Hilario, Meredith Michaud, Jennie Fremont, Stefan Herrenbruck, Crystal Wulff, Johnny Griffith, Hannah Griffith, Gabriela Webb, Aaron Webb.

music: Un Kilo by Maikel Blanco y Su Salsa Mayor + Cabezemala by Los Van Van

– Ambassador Rob Hilario will give audiences a concise, but informative tutorial on Casino (Cuban-style partner dance that can also be danced as a group, i.e., Rueda de Casino). We’ll look at some of the concepts of the dance and how it differs from the more mainstream On1 and On2 salsa you usually see on TV.

“This One Journey”

dancer: Conrad Icon Kaczor

music: A Small Fantasy by Julia Holter, Geometria Del Universo by Colleen

– A journey of loss and recovering

Excerpts from ‘Latched’

dancers: Liz Jones, Rachel Belling

music: by Cristobal Tapia De Veer

– Latched was created during the pandemic by Brandy Guthery. The dancers (Liz and Rachel) explore the dark and quirky side of movement in these excerpts.

“Filmi Nakhre”

dancers: Gulabi Gang ft. Nadia Lorea & Rachelle Miller

music: Snake Charmer

– A range of femme Bollywood styles from Mujra (Filmi Kathak) to Ghoomar (Rajasthani folk.)

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Old Moody Stages is a collaborative pop-up venue and outdoor art series. Innovative dance concerts, provocative theater performances, and heartwarming musical moments will take place throughout the summer at Old Moody Stages at Zidell Yards in Portland’s South Waterfront. The series will run July 21 – August 29, 2021 and will be presented in accordance with local, state, and federal health guidelines. Be safe and feel alive this summer at Old Moody Stages!

Old Moody Stages is a community-driven, grass-roots effort with a story of it’s own.