Lucy Heartwood

Lucy Heartwood

Lucy Heartwood

Outreach + Engagement Director
Dance Community Lead

Title: Outreach + Engagement Director and Strategic Partnerships Lead

What does that mean?

I am the official concierge for all things related to the Dance Wire’s website directories and membership program.  I assist members and non-members in navigating our website’s services and answer all questions and curiosities about our memberships.  As the Dance Community Lead, I am in constant communication with Portland’s dance community and take pride in my relationships with organizations and individuals who are spreading their love of dance to our city.  

1:1 Session areas of expertise:


Education/Training/Professional Memberships:

  • Professional Contemporary Dance Certification
  • Contemporary Dance Teacher Certification

Experience: LinkedIn

Artistic life outside Dance Wire:
I am a freelance Performing Artist, Choreographer and Dance Educator.  After years of dancing around the world, my travels have finally led me to Portland where I am quickly establishing myself in a new country, a new home and a new dance community.  

Why my work at Dance Wire is meaningful to me:

When first arriving to Portland in March of 2020, I found myself alone and unsure of where to begin my new journey in dance.  While desperately searching online for anyone who could help me, I immediately found Dance Wire! I quickly started working with Emily and through guided 1:1 Sessions and many words of encouragement, I found my way to dance again!  Now working at Dance Wire, I can give back to the community, the way Dance Wire gave to me.