Sarita Persaud

image of smiling dark haired woman with black top

Sarita Persaud

Marketing + Membership Director
Dance Community Lead

Title: Marketing & Membership Director

What does that mean?

I am often the first point of contact for the dance community. I handle membership-related questions and ongoing member communications. I also manage Dance Wire’s social media presence and ongoing marketing. 

1:1 Session areas of expertise:

-General marketing-Social media strategy
-Content calendar creation
-Resume review
-Building your network

Education/Training/Professional Memberships:-MPA with emphasis on Nonprofit Management from CSULB -BFA in Dance from CSULB 

Experience: LinkedIn

Artistic life outside Dance Wire:
I am a company member with Shaun Keylock Company based in Portland. 

Why my work at Dance Wire is meaningful to me:

My work at Dance Wire combines both my love for dance and my passion for service. As a team, we talk a lot about how difficult it can be to convey exactly what Dance Wire is and what we do as an organization. I think putting our work here at Dance Wire into words is challenging because Dance Wire is about creating change when it comes to the “bigger picture” so there’s a lot to unpack. In short, Dance Wire is about breaking down barriers and disproving stereotypes when it comes to dance. It’s about nurturing a thriving, supportive, and inspired dance community. I’m honored to be able to actively work to uplift dance in Portland and to do it with a team as driven as ours!