Dance Wire Ambassadors are dancers and leaders with 303 years combined experience in dance!

Meet our 2023 cohort of Ambassadors below

Dance Wire Ambassadors are both dancers and leaders. Their role is to help keep us connected to the wide array of dance activity happening in Portland. We rely on our Ambassadors to set the standard for dance in the area, to bring their connections, insights, and unique stories to the table. We specifically want dancers who seek to build community across dance styles and feel like leaders in their genre, role, and/or community. 

Antuanet S Powell

Years Dancing: 37

Titles: Founder Peruvian Pride PDX, Freelance Performer and Choreographer, Studio Manager Vitalidad Movement Arts Center

Invitation to Follow: and Peruvian Pride PDX

It would be a dream to collaborate with: A typography animator

Katie Janovec

Years Dancing: 16

Titles: Dancer, Freestyle Mover, Popper, Freelance Event Producer, Founder of The Beautiful Street

Invitation to Follow: and

It would be a dream to collaborate with: I’d like to collaborate with other street or club style dancer, a musician as well – beat maker, drummer, bassist!

Nicole McCall

Years Dancing: 35

Titles: Director/Owner of Dance Your Heart Out®, Creative Dance Teaching Artist for Arts for Learning NW and the Right Brain Initiative, Musical Theater Choreographer/Instructor, Swing and Salsa instructor for beginners

Invitation to Follow:

It would be a dream to collaborate with: A graphic designer!

Imani Underwood

Years Dancing: 12

Titles: Multi-disciplinary artist

Invitation to Follow: Imani on Instagram

It would be a dream to collaborate with: Zendaya (actress), Tara Stong (VO Artist), Steven Spielberg and/or Tim Burton (filmmakers), Jade Chynoweth, Bob Fosse, Gene Kelly, Josephine Baker or Emma Porter (dancers).

Eric Nordstrom

Years Dancing: 26

Titles: Visiting Instructor of Dance at Lewis and Clark College; Instructor of Dance at Portland State University; Filmmaker at Portland Performing Arts Video; Freelance Performer.

Invitation to Follow:

It would be a dream to collaborate with: Co-teacher for workshop of class series; dance on film project; dance performer with multimedia collaboration.

Lauren Crowe-Mueller

Years Dancing: 40

Titles: Co-Founder & Director of the An Daire Academy of Irish Dance, Certified Instructor (T.C.R.G.), Choreographer, Irish Dancing Adjudicator (A.D.C.R.G.), Performer, Instructor Mentor and Trainer.

Invitation to Follow:

It would be a dream to collaborate with: Highland Dancer or Tap Dancer!

Anna Hooper

Years Dancing: 25

Titles: Freelance dance performer & choreographer
Teacher at BODYVOX Dance Center & Community Outreach, Hillsboro Dance Center, The Portland Ballet, and Shaun Keylock Company.

Invitation to Follow:

It would be a dream to collaborate with: My dream collaboration is with a set designer. It would be incredible to create an immersive dance experience, like Meow Wolf productions!

Kenya Márquez

Years Dancing: 40

Titles: Founder and Artistic Director of Ballet Papalotl, Authentic Mexican Culture and Folkloric Dance. School counselor, Ethnic Dancer and Educator, perfumer, Choreographer. Founder of Dinastía Genial (Human development), You-tuber (Dinastía Genial), ambassador for a multicultural harmonic society.

Invitation to Follow:

It would be a dream to collaborate with: I dream about collaborating with a painter, a Photogrpher and a videographer to capture the result of my dances on wet paint (I can describe it more when we meet).👨‍🎨 The result of me ‘painting’ with my feet while dancing , we can make an exposition and sell the outcome (painting).

Sara James

Years Dancing: 29

Titles: Aerial+Burlesque Performer. Instructor and choreographer specializing in aerial silks, trapeze, and pole dance.

Invitation to Follow:

It would be a dream to collaborate with: Filmmakers, other aerialists, jazz and contemporary artists, musicians, metalworkers who could create a piece of art that could be danced on!

Jennifer Camp

Years Dancing: 43

Titles: Director of Dance/ Associate Professor of Dance at Pacific University. Educator of Dance, Choreographer, Dance Artist

Invitation to Follow: and

It would be a dream to collaborate with: I am open to having a dialogue and finding ways to collaborate with all other artists, but working with filmmakers, animators, and dance artists in different genres would be fantastic.

Former Ambassador Cohorts

2021 Ambassadors

Gitanjali “Anjali” Hursh

Conrad Kaczor

Laura Cannon

Thorey Mountain

Mianel Araujo

Alicia Cutaia

Robert Hilario

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2019 Ambassadors

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Barbara Lima

Kenya Marquez

Beth Whelan

Kelsey Leonard

Laura Blake

Brandy Guthery

Sitara Lones

Rebekah Wolfson Kilayko

Laura Onizuka – Committee Chair

2018 Ambassadors

Maria Tucker

Kathryn Harden

Angela Bryant

Zachary Carroll

Adrianna Audoma

Victoria Rose White

Alexander Dones

Jesus Rodales

Laura Onizuka – Committee Chair

2017 Ambassadors

Jack “Sir Cupcake” Stocklynn

Linda Austin

Elise Morris

Anne Mueller

Mizu Desierto

Yulia Arakelyan

Laura Onizuka

Rebecca Morse

Hannah Luckow

Tia Palomino – Committee Chair