Staff & Board


Headshot of blonde woman with an asymmetrical haircut wearing black sleeveless top

Emily Running (Founder)

Vision + Operations Director
Strategic Partnerships Lead

Lucy Heartwood

Lucy Heartwood

Outreach + Engagement Director
Dance Community Lead

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Jessie Nowak

Funds Development Director
Donor + Funder Lead


Megan Fleck

Montserrat Andreys

Sarita Persaud

Shannon Butler

Kate Holly

Ambassador Cohorts

2021 Ambassadors

Anjali Hursh

Conrad Kaczor

Laura Cannon

Mianel Araujo

Alicia Cutaia

Thorey Mountain

Rob Hilario

Melissa Rumsey

Lyric Lowe

Kelly Koltiska

Amelia Unsicker

2019 Ambassadors

Aphyna Zoe

Bevin Victoria

Barbara Lima

Kenya Marquez

Beth Whelan

Kelsey Leonard

Laura Blake

Brandy Guthery

Sitara Lones

Rebekah Wolfson Kilayko

Laura Onizuka – Committee Chair

2018 Ambassadors

Maria Tucker

Kathryn Harden

Angela Bryant

Zachary Carroll

Adrianna Audoma

Victoria Rose White

Alexander Dones

Jesus Rodales

Laura Onizuka – Committee Chair

2017 Ambassadors

Jack “Sir Cupcake” Stocklynn

Linda Austin

Elise Morris

Anne Mueller

Mizu Desierto

Yulia Arakelyan

Laura Onizuka

Rebecca Morse

Hannah Luckow

Tia Palomino – Committee Chair

Additional Important People

George Thorn – The most incredible mentor any arts administrator could ask for.

Kerry Schaefer – Founding board member and ongoing resource council.

Kate Rafter – An early champion of Dance Wire and our first Member Services Coordinator