Sustainers & Funders

Sustainers and funders help float the full picture of our work, including what we do behind-the-scenes.

We make connections, build community, and bridge the gap between art and business. By becoming a sustainer, you are not only supporting Dance Wire, but the 450 dance organizations and countless artists we serve. There are 39 different styles of dance in Portland and a wide variety of performances, participatory events, and classes to explore. Our website is the hub where Portland’s flourishing dance scene becomes visible to the public. Dance Wire makes it easy and FUN for everyone to get involved in dance!

Want to help keep Portland dancing? Sustainers can help by:

  1. Making a monthly donation or larger cash investment in our programs.
  2. Offering in-kind products or services.

We are also open to hearing your own unique ideas! Just schedule a meeting with our Strategic Partnerships Lead, Emily Running, to get started.


(past and present, because we wouldn’t have made it this far without everyone listed here!)
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People give to Dance Wire in many ways including gifts of time, talent, and treasure. We especially want to recognize and celebrate the people who have been in it with us through thick and thin. THANK YOU to everyone who has invested in Dance Wire’s mission!

Champion Circle | 5+ years

Alan & Sharon Jones
Andrew Bardeschewski
Beverly Aldinger & Kirk Gibson
Connie + Steve Running
Elizabeth Grulke
Felicia Rosenfeld
Harold Goldstein
Jessica Zoller
Kate Rafter
Kate Wille
Kaeri Schaefer & Carl Perkins
Kellie Torres
Kelly Vincent Recktenwald

Laura Onizuka
Linda Austin
Linda Zarzana
Megan Fleck
Montserrat Andreys
Nancy Bardeschewski
Nancy & George Thorn
Paul King & Walter Jaffe
Shannon Gee
Tony Caparelli
Trina Running
Wendy Mitchell

Anonymous (4)

Sustainer Circle | 2-5 years

Aaron Wheeler-Kay
Agnieszka Laska
Alan Park
Alissa Fuchs
Amy Benton
Ariel Nemirow
Becky Russell
Beth Fuegy
Beverly Hinshaw
Brent Reid
Brian Rapp
Carl Perkins
Chelsea Bushnell
Chris Nowak
Christopher Zarzana
Colleen Malone
Corinn deTorres

Elizabeth Layne
Elizabeth Miller
Hannah Luckow
Heather Schrock
Jamey Hampton
Jean Woessner
Jen Deale
Jenna Watanabe
Jessica Baker
Jim McGinn
Jingzi Zhao
Jonah McLean
Kari Hunter
Kathleen Shearmire
Lena Traenkenschuh
Lisa Buchmiller

Lisa Walser
Maria Tucker
Marsha Fine
Megan Gross
Michelle Rafter
Neville Wellman
Oliver Tuholske
Raven Jones
Ronni Lacroute
Samuel Hobbs
Scott Lewis
Syann Stevens
Tia Palomino
Toni Tabora-Roberts
Vanessa Bump

Anonymous (4)

I See You Circle | 1 year

Aaron Bollwinkel
Alfredo Moreno
Alicia Anthony
Alison Mockli
Amanda Geiger
Amanda Scollo
Amanda Silvestri
Amy Menendez
Amy Persaud
Amy Tangedahl
Amy Taylor
Andra Georges
Angela Bryant
Angela Rademacher
Annie Archer
Ariel Winkleblack
Ashley M. Zagst
Aubrey M. Halloway
Benny Bell
Bobbie Bevington
Brian McDonnell
Briley Neugebauer
Bryan Baisinger
Catherine Helmick
Chris Ayzoukian
Chris Neufeld
Cynthia Chimienti

David Nijhawan
Debi Withee
Deborah Wolf
Donna LoDolce
Donna McCown
Dylan Miksicek
Elise Morris
Ella Matweyou
Emily Velasquez
Faith Morrison
Fractured Atlas
Giyen Kim
Heather Hemphill
Heather S. Hubert
Heng Liang Munson
Iñaky Pérez González
Jacki Camacho
Jackie Bardeschewski
James Cosper
Janelle Santos
Janelle Torres
Jen Fife-Adams
Jennifer Camp
Jessica Evans
John Cox
John Sorensen-Jolink

Johnson Johnson
Joni Stormo
Kathy Kniep
Kelli Payne
Kester Cotton
Kim Choeychan
Kinsey Wright
Kitta Frost
Kristina York
Kyle Gardner
Laurel Carrol
Leslie Kasperowicz
Lisa Kerr
Lisa Marsicek
Liz Bacon-Brownson
Lori Shin
Lynn Spirelle
Mackenzie Polley
Marilyn Sears
Mary Nichols
Meg McHutchison
Melissa Cunningham
Melissa Novak
Michael Sisler
Natalie Mandarano
Nicholas Travers

Nicole Butcher
Noelle Fountain
Oceana Stave
Pasha Xposeu
Philip Tobin
Pooja Patel
Rachael Belling
Rachael Lembo
Rebecca Webb
Rodney Krause
Rosie Milem
Sara Walker
Sharon Oberst
Shasta Sevcik
Shauna Bryant
Sherry Brennen
Stashia Cabral
Sue Decker
Susan Payseno
Suzanne Chi
Suzanne Sanchez
Timothy Hunt
Toni Traina
Tyler McComas
Victoria R Mauger
Vijitra Boonkoom

Anonymous (9)