Sponsors & Funders

Dance Wire’s philosophy is that interactions with local businesses are an opportunity to make a connection, build community, and bridge the gap between art and business.

How do you know if you are interested in something if you don’t even know it’s there? With Dance Wire you can see what’s there.

By becoming a sponsor, you are not only supporting Dance Wire, but the 140+ artists and organizations we serve. There are 39 different styles of dance in Portland and a wide variety of performances, participatory events, and classes to explore. Our website is the hub where Portland’s flourishing dance scene becomes visible to the public. Dance Wire makes it east and FUN for everyone to get involved in dance!

Want to help keep Portland dancing? Businesses can help by:

  1. Cash sponsorship or investment in our programs.
  2. Offering in-kind products or services.

We are also open to hearing your own unique ideas! Just schedule a meeting with our Strategic Partnerships Lead, Emily Running, to get started.


(past and present, because we wouldn’t have made it this far without everyone listed here!)
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