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Citywide Dance Audition

Save the date for Sunday April 7th, 2019 from 2-8pm

details will be posted late January


For Dancers:

The Citywide Audition is an opportunity to show your talents and be discovered. The event is structured as an afternoon of hour-long classes where you learn a bit of technique as well as choreography to present at the evening audition. At the audition you present choreography from the day in small groups for the auditors. Auditors range from independent choreographers to dance/theatre company directors to commercial talent scouts. Though not all are actively casting at the time of the audition, auditors keep your resume and headshot on file for callbacks or opportunities throughout the year.

For Auditors:

This is the one time of year where all of the top dance talent in Portland comes together in one event. Dancers take classes throughout the day where they learn choreography to present at the audition. Since auditors each come looking for different things, we always include a range of dance styles. The goal with our class selection is to show you the dancer's technique, versatility and personality. You are encouraged to do callbacks on your own for specific castings or to see dancers move in your own style.


“The Citywide Audition is a really great way to expose dancers and auditors to each other in a space that allows a wide variety of people to come together that normally wouldn’t come together.”

Stephanie Seaman Artistic Director - Trip the Dark

“What I love about the Citywide Audition is that as a musical theatre company, there is a lot of dance talent that is undiscovered within the theatre world and these auditions are a great way for me to see who’s out there and how I can utilize them.”

Dan Murphy - Broadway Rose Theatre


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