Citywide Dance Connector

This event is about connecting dancers to dance-related work and giving those who hire an opportunity to meet the immense pool of talent in Portland. Think audition meets job fair in a high-energy functional networking extravaganza!

Citywide Dance Connector! – POSTPONED!

Dancers. Choreographers. Teachers. Company Directors. Casting Agents. Studio Owners. This event is for you! One of the most important assets you have is your network and this event is all about making connections and expanding who you know in the dance world. Your next dance job or dance hire might be right around the corner!

The day will consist of hour-long classes taught by 6 working artists. Dancers are able to register for up to three classes and will be assigned an audition number. Each class will culminate in a short piece of choreography. Directors (those hiring or casting) can set up in the lobby, or move fluidly through the space to view class or final choreography for each class. Directors will get a link to view headshots, resumes, and audition numbers of all Dancers who attend and are responsible for their own callbacks or hiring next steps.

Main Event Details + Schedule


Cost: Members FREE | Nonmembers $10/class for Dancers or $50/Director

LobbyOpen StudioMain Studio
2:00 – 3:00 Director Presentations
networking 3:00-4:00 | Elemental Personas 3:15-4:15 | Contemporary Jazz
opportunity board set up4:15-5:15 | “Free to Be”4:30-5:30 | Spicy Musical Theatre
5:30-6:30 | Contemporary Release 5:45-6:45 | Hip Hop

All teachers for this event are active artists/collaborators/producers in Portland!

3:00-4:00 | Jack “Sir Cupcake” Stocklynn | Elemental Personas

Elemental Personas. Using the elements of air, fire, water, earth and oil we will create physicality based characters. We’ll then set these characters into short improv scenes and watch them interact! Please come prepared to move and explore repeatable physicality and be open to emotions in our scene work.

3:15-4:15 | Franco Nieto | Contemporary Jazz

This class is designed to improve fluidity of the spine and torso. You will gain a deep understanding of the pelvis and how it helps drive your movement. We will get grounded, explore our physicality and musicality while working on transitions into the floor and around the space. This contemporary dance class fuses jazz, and contemporary techniques with no judgment on oneself. Also it’s FUN!

4:30-5:30 | Laura Cannon | “Free to Be” Improv

Let your unique self shine! This class is for dancers trained in any movement style. Laura will guide dancers through a basic warmup and then introduce a structure for your movement to follow. Each dancer will have the freedom to demonstrate what they excel in.

4:45-5:45 | Theresa Hanson aka Resa la Revv | Spicy Musical Theatre

A fun, flirtatious jazzy heels class with a musical theatre foundation to upbeat Broadway hits. This class will combine sensuality with jazz technique and be a chance to be expressive and charismatic. Give em’ the ol’ Razzle Dazzle! (heels optional)

5:30-6:30 | Graham Cole | Contemporary Release

In this class, dancers will find dynamic pathways of movement through a purposeful surrender to gravity and momentum. We will explore our own personal borders between tension and release, with a focus on safely expanding one’s range of motion. Exercises designed to both warm and soften the body will culminate in virtuosic movement across the floor. Socks and long pants or tights are recommended.

5:45-6:45 | NØIR | Hip Hop

NØIR is a street dancer and choreographer based out of Portland, OR. His class will cover the basics of Hip Hop Dance and give students the tools they need to advance in this dance genre. NØIR’s Hip Hop class will go over bounce, rocks , grooves, and even more.

Bonus Opportunities for Dancers

woman in a dance audition wearing the number 117

August 30th – September 20th

Anyone who has registered can book a FREE 15 minute resume review with Dance Wire staff via Zoom. Get your resume looking sharp!

September 14th from 11:30-1:30

FREE basic headshot

Details for both these offerings will be emailed or text to you after you have registered.

Bonus Opportunities for Directors

August 30th – September 20th

Anyone registered for the event can book a FREE 15 minute review of your job description. Make sure you’re presenting your opportunity well!

Details for this offering will be emailed or text to you after you have registered.

Day of Citywide Dance Connector

First 10 registrants will get 5 minutes at the beginning of the day to do a demo of their movement style and/or speak about what they are looking for from dancers that day.

Check out this video from our last event.


Who should attend as a Dancer? Anyone interested in being hired for dance-related work.

Who should attend as a Director? Anyone who hires for dance-related work.

  • dance company directors
  • theatre company directors
  • independent choreographers
  • studio owners hiring teachers
  • agents scouting talent

What is dance-related work?

  • dance instruction
  • concert dance
  • dance projects
  • dance gigs
  • admin work with a dance business

What are your COVID policies for this event? We will be following BodyVox guidelines which are updated regularly and you can read in full here.

Why does this cost money? This is a service Dance Wire provides that benefits both Dancers and Directors and we charge both to participate. Members attend free because they are already supporting our work and we value their ongoing participation in what we do – including putting on events like this!

Yes! As a Dancer, you can sign up for one, two, or three classes. Don’t forget to take advantage of the Bonus opportunities that come free with registration!

Do people really get hired from this event? Yes! The Directors who attend this event are regularly blown away by the number of people who attend and the level of talent. The best part is, Directors are looking for a wide variety of things – teachers, performers, collaborators, and administrators. Note: Directors may not be hiring exactly at the time of this event, but we send them all the headshots and resumes so they can reach out when opportunities come up.

Am I guaranteed work from this? No. But if nothing else, you’ll have a great time, meet other dancers, and grow your network.

How are teachers selected? All teachers are active working artists in Portland. We create a new lineup of teachers every year and work to have a variety of movement genres available so Dancers can show off their many talents!

Who are the teachers in 2022? See above and click the link on their names to read more about them.

Who will be attending as a Director? Check out the profiles of Directors who have registered here. Registrations are updated regularly so keep checking back as names get added to the list! Click on individual cards to expand the listing.

Is this an audition? Yes and no. We are calling it a Connector and invented the term functional networking to better describe the purpose. As dancers we represent ourselves better through our bodies than on paper, so this event combines some of the elements of an audition with a whole lot of movement. We hope you enjoy it!

What happened to the Citywide Dance Audition? From 2015-2019 we held an annual Citywide Dance Audition that connected dancers to companies, choreographers, agents, and casting directors. It was a high-energy event that brought 90+ dancers and 25+ directors together in one space. It was magical! Since this event was so much more than audition we changed the name to better represent the purpose and added bonus opportunities.