When building a career or business in dance is blood, sweat, and tears,
membership is a hug and a pep talk to keep you reaching for your dreams.

Why become a member?

Our membership model is community-based and sliding-scale. We believe the community is best served if we see ourselves as part of a larger ecosystem working collectively. You can view the no-cost-to-you resources we offer everyone and the additional perks for those who pay membership dues on the Dance Community Dashboard. If you’re ready to be part of our collective effort, choose the monthly commitment to yourself and your community that’s right for you!

Your membership dollars:

  • Increase the visibility of the entire dance community in Portland
  • Get you direct support and personal assistance from people who get it
  • Offer you a connection to a national network of dance professionals
  • Give you access to a local community of people who have your back
  • Help support an organization that champions dance for ALL!

For Individuals

For a deeper network and prosperous career.

$5 / Month
I believe in Dance Wire's mission and vision!
$10 / Month
I am an active participant in the dance community.
$15 / Month
I am achieving my dream and happy to help others do the same!

For Businesses

Grow your business and connect with the greater community.

$15 / Month
Getting started is hard, I'm so happy Dance Wire exists!
$25 / Month
Steadily climbing.
$50 / Month
The community is stronger when we work together!