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Whether you want to leap into dance classes or browse for ideas, check out our directory of dance spaces in Portland where you can explore a form of expression that fits your vibe!

Discover performances, festivals, and other Portland dance events for locals and visitors alike!

We will keep you up to date on everything happening with Dance Wire and in our community.

We love to hear about people who stomp on stigmas and find their own grooves in dance.

Hear how dance professionals discovered styles that sparked their passions for dance, and how their lives and careers have been shaped by their chosen art forms.

How Dance Wire Supports The Dance Community

In addition to being your Portland dance hub for classes and events, Dance Wire is committed to uplifting dance artists and organizations. We’re pushing back against the glorification of the ‘starving artist’. We believe that things work better when we work together. Check out a few of the ways we’re supporting professional dance artists and organizations in the community.

Personalized Support for Artists and Organizations

Whether you’re an individual looking for support as an artist or part of an organization struggling to get its footing – we’re here to help. We’ll help you bring a project to life, develop an action plan, connect you to resources, and provide valuable consultation on marketing, fundraising, grants, and more!

Get personalized support from people that have been in your shoes. Plus, the first session is free. Schedule your first 1:1 session here.

Promoting Equity

Dance Wire believes in the foundational idea that dance is for everyone. We’re working to push back against the Eurocentric and ablist values that have seeped into dance in America.

Here, you will be seen, respected, and valued.

Learn more about our core beliefs and values, and what actions we’re taking to advance equity, inclusion, and accessibility within the dance community.

Fostering Community

Dance is one of the oldest art forms to exist and has roots in nearly every culture across the globe. Dance Wire is a place where all forms of dance come together through the shared language of movement. Whether it’s inviting people to a shared experience of something new through our Curious Club, or cross-pollinating artists through our Ambassador program, we love finding ways to foster community through dance!

Vision for the Future

Since Dance Wire’s inception, we have been laying the foundation for long-term support of the dance sector. We play a unique role as the only service organization for dance in the region. Whether working behind-the-scenes to create more opportunities for dance artists, or attracting new people to engage in dance, we envision a future filled with more artistic voices, flourishing dance spaces, and a more vibrant and supportive dance community.

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