Artist Stories

2019 Artist Stories with Brandy Guthery

In this interview 2019 Dance Wire Ambassador Brandy Guthery and Ambassador Chair Laura Onizuka talk about Brandy’s life and career in dance. Learn about how the co-founder and co-directress of AWOL Dance got started dancing, what brought her to Portland, her experiences as a dancer and company owner, and about her vision for the future of AWOL.

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2019 Artist Stories with Sitara Lones

2018 Ambassador Kathryn Harden sits down with Sitara Lones to discuss her life and career in dance. Sitara discusses the cultural role of dance in the Unites States versus in Afghanistan where she was born, how dance helps her communicate who she is, and how dance can build bridges between communities, cultures and people.

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2019 Artist Stories – Aphyna Zoe

Ambassador Committee Chair Laura Onizuka talks to Aphyna Zoe about her life and career in dance. They discuss why it took til age 30 for Aphyna to have the confidence to pursue dance as a profession, her incredible day planner, and what she hopes to accomplish through her movement “voice”.

The famous planner as mentioned in the interview.

Here is a video of Aphyna performing for AWOL Dance Collective. Also catch her upcoming show Left of Center February 23rd at 8pm and 24th at 4pm at Alberta Rose Theatre Tickets at

2018 Artist Stories – Maria Tucker

Laura Onizuka talks with Maria Tucker about her life as a professional dancer. Maria shares her thoughts on the importance of mentorship for young dancers, how dancing is for everyone at any age, and her experience working with Royal Caribbean Cruiselines.

Watch Maria dance on her performance reel!

2018 Artist Stories – Alexander Dones

Anne Mueller, a 2017 Ambassador sits down with 2018 Ambassador Alexander Dones. Alexander shares insights about his life in dance and experiences as a dancer, teacher, and choreographer in Portland, Detroit, and New York.