1:1 Sessions

We push back against the glorification of the “starving artist” and instead champion a new future where artists can thrive AND live their dreams!

Building a healthy dance organization or a flourishing career can feel impossible if you try to do it by yourself. 1:1 Sessions support dance artists and organizations at all stages of development. 

These sessions are for you if: 

  • You love the creative side of your work but struggle with the administrative side 
  • The people at your organization are wearing too many hats 
  • You struggle to manage the feast/famine rollercoaster of gig work 
  • Being an artist feels chaotic and overwhelming 
  • You want your company to grow and can’t figure out what’s getting in the way 
  • You are sick of explaining yourself to people who don’t understand what you do! 

“Dancers are so used to flying without a net that we don’t even realize how much potential for growth there is when we have an organization like Dance Wire lifting us up.” 

Laura Cannon – ProLab Dance

What to expect: 

In your first session we will explore the full picture of where you are at, what your goals are, and your desired timeline for reaching them.  

From there we will break everything down into manageable and realistic steps based on your goals and priorities. See a sample of the shared document we work with here. 

You set the frequency of your sessions based on how much time you are able to dedicate to advancing you work. If you need more assistance from us you are welcome to schedule more frequent sessions. If you just want someone to hold you accountable for taking the steps needed to achieve your goals, we’re here for that too. Most people find consistency to be the key to success. 

Experiences of 1:1 Sessions

Laura was spinning her wheels trying to move a project forward. The artistic vision was clear but how to bring it to life felt scary and intimidating. We broke things down step by step, helped her build confidence in discussing her work with potential funders, connected her with collaborators, photographers, and filmmakers who specialized in Virtual Reality (VR) which took her project to a whole new level.  

“Dance Wire has been providing me so much support and encouragement this year. They have been guiding me to organize my ambitions, to identify concrete next steps for ProLab Dance, and to celebrate every small victory along the way. Dance Wire is a group of people with answers to your questions, people who will get back with you to give the contact info of that other artists who wants to collaborate with someone just like you. I am so grateful for 1:1 Sessions and the relationships I’ve built through working with Dance Wire.” -Laura

“I didn’t realize I was limiting myself until I met Emily. Sometimes the dance world can make you feel restricted, like there are only a few paths you can take. But that’s not true! After each session with Emily I felt alive, capable, and eager to work towards my dreams. I realized the advice and help I was getting from my friends and family was well intentioned, but ultimately not helpful because they don’t understand the dance world. Getting perspective from someone who gets me and my work is invaluable. I look forward to continuing with 1:1 Sessions as I reach new levels in my career!” -Sara

Sara initially identified her goal as expanding her network and getting more work teaching and subbing. But after her first session she started thinking bigger and tuned into some goals she hadn’t previously been allowing herself to dream about – creating a bilingual online dance program for kids. Within months we worked together to outline a website, she scheduled a photoshoot for images for the site, we wrote copy together, and soon her website was live! We continued working together to set rates for her work, strategize her marketing plan, and set up the technology she needed to streamline her admin work. 

Kelly and Amelia were in the very early stages of starting their company Pathways Dance Company. They were ready to put on their first production but needed assistance communicating their vision, raising money, writing grants, and promoting their work.  

“Jessie’s expertise has been crucial in the development of our company, especially at this early stage. She has helped us craft our mission statement, core values, and vision. Her guidance has helped us to dream big and not hold back.”  -Pathways Dance Comapny