Bryaunna Kostelnik


What makes me unique is my desire to observe movement through as many lens as I can within in this lifetime. With this intention in mind, I have learned from teachers, mentors, and collaborators whose voices and ideas aren’t in the main circulatory pool that most movers and creators draw from. These inspirations include martial artists, professors of physics and engineering, architects, sound and audio engineers, architectural and performance lighting designers, stadium riggers and other stage hands, military officers, nutritionists, body workers, and more. I put this interdisciplinary attraction into form earlier this year when I curated COLLISIONS, a multimedia collaborative project between over 25 artists and craftsmen within the Willamette Valley. In this project I hoped to breach the walls between the various media’s knowledge pools and create new common dialogues to communicate across disciplines.

In personal research, I am highly driven by a desire to toy with and assimilate the power within the 10 physiological systems. These include but are not limited to, the respiratory, skeletal, muscular, nervous, endocrine, and cardiovascular systems. How can we gain power, balance it, utilize it, sustain it, and understand it within our own bodies? Then, how can we use this intrinsic power of our bodies (our vocal power, our muscular power, etc.) to have influence in our interpersonal relationships and community spaces. With the partnership of another remarkable artist and teacher, Lo Poppy, the previous questions and points of assessment are currently in the process of research and translation into a curriculum format. The program is intended to be adaptable for athletes and artists across all disciplines, providing them the affirmations and comprehensive awareness of the breadth of their power and influence.

My objective as a Portland based dancer is to find communities of artists that make me feel at home and welcomed when I work with them. I would like to work up to dancing at a professional company level to gain access to the knowledge and resources that are at that level of performing arts. After having this kind of experience to digest, interpret, and share, I would like to jump back into working with youth students in the arts on a regular basis. I also will continue my personal journey cultivating the power under my own skin by adopting holistic approaches to training, nutrition, and other lifestyle practices.