Kelly Koltiska


Kelly Koltiska is the co-director of Pathways Dance Company and a freelance teacher, dancer and choreographer based in Portland, Oregon. She holds a B.F.A. in Dance from The University of Montana and has performed locally with Top Shake Dance, Muffie Delgado Connelly, and compositional improvisation with Ruth Nelson. As a choreographer, she creates personal and authentic storytelling through athletic movement and nuanced gestures. In 2018, Kelly founded bALLet, ballet classes focusing on accessibility, affordability, and cultivating community and body positivity. She currently teaches at Multnomah Athletic Club, Center for Movement Arts, and through Portland Parks and Recreation and is a certified The Ellové Technique® instructor. As an instructor, she inspires you to trust your body’s knowledge and find movement options that fit your individual needs. She will motivate you to find joy and silliness during class.