POSTED August 4th, 2023

Marketing Support for Dance Wire 

Dance Wire will be seeking marketing support in the very near future and we want to start putting the feelers out for interested applicants.

Depending on a few factors, including a critical grant decision in late August, we will either be hiring a full-time Marketing and Communications Director or a contractor for smaller support projects. We wish we knew exactly which it would be, but alas that’s the nature of being a growing nonprofit.

If one or both of these sound of interest to you, please fill out the following preliminary application so we can keep you in our pool. The goal of doing this is so we can hit the ground running as soon as a decision comes in. We also regularly have other dance organizations contact us about personal recommendations for positions they are trying to fill, so knowing who is out there looking for this type of work is valuable for us either way.

Dance Wire is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, national origin, age, religion, or sexual orientation. 

Initial Application Form

If we end up hiring a Contractor Role, it would be project-based. We would work together to create a strategy, scope of work, and fee structure drawing from priorities within the “Responsibilities” section of the Full Time Job Description.

Fingers crossed that funding comes through and we are able to hire a Full Time Marketing and Communications Director!!

Full Time Position Description

Position type: Full time (36 hours per week) 
Reports to: Executive Director 
Exempt status: Exempt 
Salary: $50,000–$60,000 per year 


  • Paid time off: This position will accrue paid time off at the rate of 9 hours per month; time may be used after completion of 60-day probationary period 
  • Holiday pay: Dance Wire observes 10+ annual holidays 
  • Health insurance: This position is eligible to receive 100% employer-paid medical and dental insurance; eligibility begins the first day of the month following completion of 60-day probationary period. 
  • Retirement savings through OregonSaves 
  • Paid Leave Oregon:  


  • $2,000 annual professional development stipend 
  • Flexible work schedule with option to work from home and set preferred hours 
  • Paid sick and family/pet sick time (within reason) 
  • Occasional comp tickets to shows 

Office Location: 3121 SW Moody Ave (free parking and very close to Max, street car, and bus stops). 

Position Summary: 
As a small team, every role at Dance Wire is included in the visioning process for the organization and actively contributes to the organization’s growth. The critical role of marketing will help us reach more people with our services and tell the story of Dance Wire in a clear and concise way. A fresh way of communicating our role and importance is welcome, while always filtering through an equity lens. The role balances technology-based work on multiple online platforms, 1:1 Consulting with constituents, community engagement, and in-person events throughout the year. 

Responsibilities include (but are not limited to): 

  • Create marketing strategy with goals, process, and outcome 
  • Content creation both written and visual media 
  • Social media management and engagement 
  • Press contacts/relationships 
  • 1:1 Sessions coaching: support dance artists in creating their own marketing strategy for their organizations or individual projects 
  • Analytics: tracking, prioritizing and strategizing based on that data 
  • Manage content calendar: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, website 
  • Take the lead with digital marketing partners 
  • Engagement role at all Dance Wire events 

Ideal candidate profile: 

  • Has strong design skills and can match our aesthetic 
  • Can tell the story of how we engage with our community in a digital space through numbers 
  • Has done and/or is currently engaged in equity and inclusion work 
  • Is highly organized 
  • Demonstrates professionalism including: punctuality, reliability, responsibility 
  • Follows directions yet is able to work independently 
  • Communicates directly and with respect 
  • Is an innovative problem-solver 
  • Is creative 
  • Is enthusiastic about this particular job 
  • Is an active listener 
  • Wants to invest in the position and stay with the company long term 

Bonus points if: 

  • you are already familiar with Dance Wire 
  • you have photography/videography/video editing skills 
  • you are familiar with WordPress, Airtable, Calendly, Microsoft Teams, and/or Canva. 
  • you are already involved in the dance community in some capacity 
  • you plan to stay in Portland for 5 years or longer 
  • you are willing to commit to 3 years or more at the organization 

Work environment: 
Our work environment is relaxed but we have A LOT to get done with a teeny tiny staff. We are also growing and changing regularly, which comes with some growing pains. Being flexible and able to adapt quickly is critical. Our communication style in the workplace is direct and respectful. 

Everyone at Dance Wire is expected to: 

  • Bring honesty, integrity, trustworthiness to all professional relationships 
  • Speak with respect of companies, teachers, choreographers, dancers, and Dance Wire 
  • Avoid negative responses, judgmental statements, gossip, directing blame, or spreading rumors within the dance community 
  • Rely on the facts if a disagreement or conflict arises and remain neutral 

Dance Wire is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, national origin, age, religion, or sexual orientation. 


Dance Wire is a service organization that primarily supports dance artists and organizations, but also actively invites new people to experience dance. Our mission is to enhance the prosperity and visibility of dance in Portland while inspiring more people to get involved.