Health Provider

Amy Benton

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Manual Therapist, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist


As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, I offer an evidence based, hands on evaluation and treatment that is personalized and specifically tailored to the individual needs of dancers, aerialist, climbers and performers of all disciplines. As a dancer of over 15+ years, I have a deep understanding of the physical, and emotional needs of a performer and seek to provide the highest level of care to help my patients return to the stage safely to satisfy the artist within. One does not choose dance, dance chooses you….

What My Practice Includes:

One thing I wish dancers or dance teachers knew to avoid or repair from injury or stay healthy in general?

The most common injury I see in my dancers are related to their inability to maximize their turnout using their deep hip rotators. Without proper knowledge of how to move from their core and hips they compensate through their knees, ankles and feet which make up 70-80% of the reported injuries in the dance medicine literature.

My wish, is that dance teachers spent time with each student to make sure they understand how to find their turn out from their deep hip rotators without clenching through their glutes, low back or over rotating through knees and ankles. This would significantly decrease the amount of injuries to the lower extremity and create stronger, more effective movement through the entire body.


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