Member List

When the pandemic hit, Dance Wire immediately paused all member payments knowing that our community was going to be hit hard by closures and shutdowns. After launching a new website to include our new programs and services we are now building our membership back up! Here are the list of companies, studios, businesses, and individuals who have shown their support for our work through membership.

Thank you for investing in our work and our shared community!

nonsense dance company logo
logo for Performance Works Northwest
logo of White Bird Dance

Kelly Recktenwald

Rose Zamboni

Myra Bazell

Adrian Lobo

Heather Hubert

Christina Hughes

Andrea Parson

Noelle Daniels

Emily Running

Jessie Nowak

Maile Crowder

Sarita Persaud

Melissa Rumsey

Thorey Mountain

Lucy Heartwood

Kate Rafter

Rachael Belling

Sara Parker

Graham Cole

Rich Howard

Emily Krause

Ashley Zagst

Johanna Wyers