Press List and Templates

Dance Wire’s guide to promoting your shows and events all over Portland!

Let’s face it, we are not all marketing experts because there’s a lot to keep up with. Take a moment to imagine all the time you’ll save on press releases with Dance Wire’s handy Press Toolkit. Check out this comprehensive guide, then take a deep breath and get back to what’s most important about your job—dance!

Tip 1)

  • A press release is the official announcement you send to publications to promote your event.
  • Send your press release in the body of an email in plain formatting.
  • Do not attach images, pdf, or files of any kind to email except upon request. Sometimes emails with attachments will be automatically rejected. Publications prefer to be linked to an electronic press kit.
  • An electronic press kit is a Google Drive, DropBox folder, or page on your website containing: medium- and high-resolution photos without text, company logo with transparent background (.png or raw vector file), copy of press release, show program, show order and credits, poster, past press coverage including reviews and interviews, company history and facts, artist bios, list of awards or accomplishments, etc.
  • Only contact journalists via their preferred contact method. Use other forms, such as direct phone calls, rarely and only to follow up.
  • Target your outreach; think about the themes and genre of your show, and be intentional about the media you contact.
  • When emailing more than one person or publication, BE SURE to use the BCC field for recipients. Type your own email address into the To field.
  • If you still have questions, schedule a 1:1 Session and we will guide you through the process.

We want you to be successful!

Tip 2)

Download our Press Template Document and enter in your own info. 

Tip 3)

Check out our Press Gold Mine (Spreadsheet) then curate a list of press publications to send your event info to based on target audiences that align with your event. Note the tabs on the top of the page and the ability to filter and group the information as you like.

Shoutout to Kate Rafter who did the extensive labor to create the original version of this spreadsheet. Dance Wire has since taken it over and will continue to keep it updated.