Call for Submissions – THIS is What a Dancer Looks Like

If you self-identify as a dancer, we want YOUR picture to be part of our THIS IS WHAT A DANCER LOOKS LIKE campaign.

WE know, and YOU know that dancers come in all races, ages, genders, body types, and abilities. But stereotypes have convinced much of the population otherwise. Help us show them the truth and obliterate those stereotypes once and for all!

mexican dancer in spinning in pink and purple dress with caption THIS Is What a Dancer Looks Like male dancer in leaned back pose with caption THIS is what a dancer looks like

Asian woman in sassy jazz pose with caption THIS is what a dancer looks like white female bellydancer in blue drapey gown with caption THIS is what a dancers looks like

Your images will be shared (and tagged) on our social media!

To Participate:

1) Send one to three (we will only use one) of your favorite high-quality dance photos to

2) Along with the photo write your name as you’d like it to appear on the image as well as the name or studio name of the photographer.

3) Pass this document on to anyone else you’d love to see represented in this campaign!

Happy Dancing – The Dance Wire Team