On Film

For anyone out there even slightly intimidated by watching dance, stop what you’re doing and watch a few of BodyVox’s dance for film creations. For years Artistic Directors Jamey Hampton and Ashley Roland have been collaborating with film maker Mitchell Rose to create a delightful collection of pieces you may not have seen anything like. Dance is so foreign to so many people but Jamey and Ashley want to let everyone in. They believe that film opens the door for a lot of audiences to understanding dance. When watching a live performance in a theatre setting, many people don’t know what to do – if it’s okay to laugh, react, make a noise – but with film people are more familiar. It also helps that BodyVox excels at levity. From a touching love affair between a man and a tractor, to fantasies of a more exciting office environment, they prove that movement is a language and we all speak it to some degree or another whether we know it or not. These films have gone viral on YouTube, one awards at film festivals and appeared on French television as well as the Cartoon Network.

While this is just one aspect of the amazing work BodyVox offers we are proud that whether touring, filming, educating or otherwise spreading their reach across the globe, their home is in Portland, Oregon.